Jewelry Care


Caring for your piece

Your Eden Philippa piece will last a lifetime if treated with love and care.  We recommend taking off your jewelry when doing physical work (exercising, gardening, cleaning etc).  When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in a soft pouch or on soft fabric to avoid scratching.  


Be cautious of storing opals in direct sunlight or near a heat source.  Avoid exposure to hairspray, perfume, lotion, chlorine, and chemical cleaning products. Avoid wearing in hot showers, saunas, or steam rooms. 

If you have any further questions about your piece, please contact


Cleaning your piece

To clean your jewelry: use mild soapy water with a soft, worn toothbrush to get in areas where there may be dirt buildup.



Since metal can move over time, stones should be checked by a jewelry professional yearly to make sure none have become loose.