How long do orders take to ship?
Each piece takes up to 5 weeks to complete.  If you need a piece for a certain date, please leave that info in the 'notes' section of the checkout page.  

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, if you are an interested retailer, please email us at eden@edenphilippa.com for more info. 

I have an anniversary next Thursday and need a piece by then.  What do I do?
We keep a supply of jewelry on hand that can ship next business day.  We only have certain sizes, metal colours, etc. so it's best to email and find out which ones are available to your liking.

I'd like my ring in platinum, is that possible?
Yes, please email us at eden@edenphilippa.com for more info. 


What type of shipping services do you offer?
We ship via FedEx and Canada Post.  We recommend choosing FedEx for orders over $500.

Do you ship to _______?
We ship worldwide, baby! 

Custom Jewelry

I'm interested in creating a custom piece. 
Yay! Let's get started - email us at eden@edenphilippa.com with a line about what you're looking to create. 

Can you customize the size/type of stones in your collection pieces (i.e the Drea)?
Yes, we sure can! Please send us an email at eden@edenphilippa.com if this is something you're interested in.

Do you repurpose stones?

Can you use my metal towards the cost of a custom piece?
Yes, we would love to.